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The Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) is a non-profit organisation established in August 1996 and registered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its purpose is to promote the development of specifications of generic agent technologies that maximise interoperability within and across agent-based applications.

FIPA has already developed a seven-part specification called FIPA 97. Implementations of FIPA 97 are undergoing field trials that will last until October 1998 when version 2 of FIPA 97 will be produced. Updated versions of FIPA 97 are already available. FIPA has already produced version 0.2 of its new set of specifications called FIPA 98.

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For general inquiries about FIPA please contact one of the FIPA Directors

Manuel Aparicio IBM US
Leonardo Chiariglione CSELT IT
Richard Nicol BT Labs UK
Hiroki Suguri Comtec JP

For technical inquiries please contact the Technical Advisor to the Board

Ebrahim Mamdani Imperial College UK

or one of the Technical Committee Chairs:

Manuel Aparicio IBM US Products Design and Manufacturing TC 9
Fabio Bellifemine CSELT IT Agent Communication TC 2
Robert Hadingham Nortel UK FIPA 97 Evolution TC 10
Yasuhiko Miyazaki NTT JP Human/Agent Interaction TC 8
Paul O'Brien BT Labs UK Agent Management TC 1

Hot news
About FIPA
Mtg. # Place Country Date Notice Results Attend. Pictures PR
15 London UK 24-28/01/00          
14 Kawasaki, Kanagawa JP 18-22/10/99          
13 San Francisco, CA US 05-09/07/99          
12 Seoul KR 25-29/01/99        
11 Durham, NC US 19-23/10/98  
10 Dublin IE 13-17/07/98    
9 Osaka JP 20-24/04/98    
8 Palo Alto, CA US 26-30/01/98    
7 Munich DE 06-10/10/97  
6 Cheju Is. KR 23-27/06/97      
5 Reston, VA US 14-18/04/97    
4 Torino IT 20-24/01/97      
3 Tokyo JP 07-11/10/96    
2 Yorktown, NY US 24-26/06/96      
1 London UK 18-19/04/96  
Basic documents

FIPA - A general overview by Leonardo Chiariglione
An overview of FIPA 97 by Donald Steiner
An assessment of FIPA 97 by Ian Dickinson
Helping agent technologies get across to the market place

Info for members

(password required)

Anuj Jain's (NCSU) presentation on FIPA
Contact Point

Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione
Multimedia and Video Services
CSELT - Via G. Reiss Romoli, 274 - 10148 Torino (ITALY)

Phone: +39 011 228 6120 / 6116 / 5111
Fax: +39 011 228 6299 / 6190 / 5520

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