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Source: Board of Directors



Establishment of a FIPA Academy


FIPA has been concerned with creating reasonably stable and useful specifications for the commercial exploitation of Agent Technology. These specifications are generated from a technology that is at the very edge of maturity. Furthermore, the publicity (or hype) that surrounds Agent Technology makes it difficult to make sound choices from concepts, theories, ideas and tools that are available in research laboratories.

Leading academics, therefore, have played a critical role in FIPA’s activities by helping to define the consensus view of sound foundations for these specifications. Their work is much appreciated by the members of FIPA and so the board has decided to establish a "FIPA Academy." Academics from around the world will be appointed on an annual basis to the academy by the board. The Board's main requirement being that they provide a regular contribution to the work of FIPA and show a good attendance record at the meetings.

The mission of the academy is:

The academy will be lead by Prof. E.H. Mamdani (the "dean" of the academy) who is also the technical advisor of the FIPA Board of Directors. The academy will include the current FIPA fellows Prof. Nishida and Prof. Tim Finin, but will provide an opportunity for extending the number of academics associated with FIPA. Prof. K. Clarke, Prof. Choi, Prof. Y. Labrou and Prof. M. Singh who have provided much help in the past, will also become members of the academy. The board expects to make other appointments soon based on the needs of the members.

The Academy will have a permanent presence in the FIPA web-site as the "Faculty Club."