FIPA 97/06/27
Source: L. Chiariglione cheju_results


Results of Cheju meeting


1. The figure of "FIPA fellow" has been introduced. Fellows are academics invited by the Board of Directors to contribute to the work of FIPA. The first FIPA fellows appointed are Tim Finin (UMBC) and Toyoaki Nishida (NAIST).

2. The seven FIPA Technical Committees have produced parts 1 to 7 of FIPA '97 ver. 2.0 using a total of 15 comments to the published version 1.0.

3. The 7 FIPA '97 parts (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 and part 7) have been publicly released and are posted on the FIPA home page. Comments to the documents are invited from members and non-members. Comments have to be received in electronic form (word or html format, the latter preferred) by 26 September 1997 to

and will be posted on the FIPA home page for access by members only. Non members making substantial comments to the documents will be invited to attend the next meeting.

4. Version 1.0 of specifications of field trials for the 4 application areas selected for 1997 in the expected time frame for trials of mid-’98 has been produced. These specifications are internal to FIPA. The main purposes of field trials are

5. All Technical Committees, with the possible exception of TC5 will have independent meetings before the next one.

6. The next meeting will be held in Munich, DE on 06-10 October and will be hosted by Siemens. This will be a key meeting because all 7 parts of FIPA 97 are planned to be approved during that meeting.