FIPA 96/10/11
Source: L. Chiariglione  


Results of Tokyo meeting


1. Dr. Kazumasa Enami (NHK) has been appointed as a Director. The current Directors are now:

Leonardo Chiariglione, CSELT, Italy - President and Chairman of the Board
Kazumasa Enami, NHK, Japan - Director
Richard Nicol, BT Labs, United Kingdom - Director
Peter Schirling, IBM, USA - Director

2. As a result of a study of different submissions the following applications have been selected as target for the development of the FIPA 1997 specification:

3. A complete list of agent technologies required for fully-fledged implementation of the four applications has been produced.

4. As a result of intense week-long efforts the First Call for Proposals has been produced and approved. Many participants have offered their expertise and time to produce it. Particular thanks have been given by the Chairs of the ad-hoc groups established in Tokyo:

- Manuel Aparicio (IBM)
- Ian Dickinson (HP)
- Yeun-Bae Kim (NHK)
- David Sadek (France Telecom - CNET)
- Donald Steiner (Siemens)
- Tony Wasilewski (Scientific Atlanta).

5. A proposal of IPR policy concerning FIPA specification for consideration by the General Assembly in January 1997 will be provided by the Board of Directors.

6. The FIPA workplan has been approved

7. It has been decided that participation in future meetings will be restricted to FIPA members. However, respondents to the First FIPA Call for Proposals will be invited to attend the January '97 meeting to enable them to introduce their proposals.