A photographic tour of the first FIPA meeting


Pictures taken by Dr. Makoto Mizukawa (NTT)


Abe Mamdani welcomes delegates in the Reed Lecture Theater.

A series of presentations:

Hans Haugeneder

Francois Arlabosse

Goesta Granlund

Christian Pinaud

Chisato Numaoka

Koji Kameyama

In the backgroud:

Pete Schirling

Christian Pinaud

Koji Kameyama

Dave Oliver

A "working" dinner:

The banquet hall of the Imperial College

Prof. Egor Aleksander Head of Imperial College EE Department

Abe Mamdani and Marie-Pascale Dupont

Richard Nicol and

Richard Nicol and Dave Oliver

Prof. Purcell and Pete Schirling

Wilhelm Neuhaeuser, Prof. Purcell and Pete Schirling

Jeremy Pitt

Takuyo Kogure and Koji Kameyama

Makoto Mizukawa and Chisato Numaoka

Frank Seide and Peter Wavish

Pentti Haikonen and Rudolf Kober

Bruno Caprile and Goesta Granlund

Goesta Granlund

Nader Azarmi and Giovanni Adorni

Francois Arlabosse and Anne Kruchten

While Wilhelm Neuhaeuser drinks wine is already taking effect on Leonardo


The meeting wraps up:

While Leonardo is drafting the meeting resolutions Pete Schirling is already working on the next meeting.