FIPA 97/01/25
Source: L. Chiariglione  


Results of Torino meeting


1. A total of 17 sbmissions in response to FIPA's 1st Call for proposals has been received.

2. Three technology-oriented Technical Committees have been established:

Title Chairman Affiliation Country
Agent Management Paul O’Brien BTLabs UK
Agent Communication Donald Steiner Siemens DE
Agent/Software Interaction Yeun-Bae Kim NHK JP

3. Application-oriented Technical Committees will be established at the next meeting.

4. The following structure of FIPA '97 specification has been agreed:

No. Title Type
 1 Agent management Normative
 2 Human/agent and agent/agent communication Normative
 3 Agent/software interaction Normative
 4 Personal travel assistance Informative
 5 Personal assistant Informative
 6 Audio-visual entertainment and broadcasting Informative
 7 Network management and provisioning Informative

5. The three Technical Committees and a group on Personal Travel Assistance (PTA) have produced parts 1 to 4 of the FIPA '97 specification using inputs received from the 1st Call for Proposals.

6. The PTA group could verify that the FIPA '97 technologies are in general all required for a PTA application. The Human/Agent Interaction, however, is not yet well supported.

7. The 4 FIPA '97 parts (part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4) are publicly released and are posted on the FIPA home page. Comments to the documents are invited from members and non-members. Comments have to be received in electronic form (word or html format, the latter preferred) by 4 April 1997 and will be posted on the FIPA home page for access by members only. Non members making substantial comments to the documents will be invited to attend the next meeting.

8. At the next meeting FIPA will start a detailed planning of field trials for the 4 application areas selected for 1997. The expected time frame for trials is mid-’98.

9. A Call for Proposals 2 has been issued to acquire some new technologies which have been found necessary when drafting the first 4 parts of FIPA '97 specification.

10. A Special InterestGroup (SIG) on Standardisation has been established. The task of the SIG, chaired by H. Velthuijsen (KPN) is to track activities in other bodies relating to agents.

11. The policy of encouraging members to produce software implementing FIPA specification and releasing its copyright has been agreed.

12. A proposal of IPR policy has been made by the Board of Directors. The policy will be adopted at the next meeting after hearing comments from members.

13. The next meeting will be held in Reston, VA on 14-18 April. The next-to-next meeting will be held in Korea in the June/July time frame and will be hosted by ETRI and KAIST .