Source: London meeting resolutions  


First list of basic agent capabilities


The following items, identified at the London meeting, are considered to be candidate for specification by FIPA in the near term (e.g. end '97). It is reminded that FIPA does not intend to specify the internal behaviour of the subsystems listed.

  1. speech processing primitives (in & out)
  2. visual input primitives, e.g.
  3. visual output primitives, e.g.
  4. actuator primitives, e.g.
  5. fusion of information, e.g.
  6. support of cultural diversity
  7. active (or controllable) head-eye system
  8. finite set of basic message types/communication primitives (e.g. speech act vocabulary) for inter-agent communication
  9. composition operators for basic message types
  10. standard library of interaction protocols
  11. refinement of interaction protocols for specific tasks
  12. semantic information representation and cognitive architectures
  13. reference programming libraries
  14. agent programming human interface
  15. specification of minimal class library
  16. aspects of society of agents

The following items should be considered as general design parameters to be considered in specification development: